#BBNaija2020: First Saturday Lockdown Party


Saturday night’s in Big Brother’s house are one of the most anticipated nights of the week for both the housemates and the viewers for we are certain a while let must go down during or after the party.
Last night, being the first Saturday night and the first Saturday night party, delivered to us spicy highlights, let’s dive into it all.


The start off was quite slow and sluggish as the DJ kept fluctuating with his boring and weird playlist that was completely off. Some housemates had to sit it out while some kept taking pictures to keep their fun vibes on.


#BBKiddwaya had from the beginning promise #BBNaija viewers fun from the beginning and amidst the technical glitch last night, he was believable as he went around gingering the atmosphere. Kiddwaya was literally everywhere. Kudos to him.

During the party last night, there were emotions flying around everywhere in the room. For some, we cannot say for sure if it was real or just the booze kicking in but for some, it was real.

#BBKiddwaya  and #BBWathoni, this duo just looked like a perfect couple together while they were dancing.

#BBKiddwaya  and Tolanibaj, we caught the brief French kiss that happened between them and we are looking out for a ship that might be built.

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Lilo and Eric, these two just had it coming intensely. From the locking of the eyes to the grinding while, they were dancing. We saw them coming though. 

Neo and Vee, these two keep on torturing themselves as we could literally feel the strong chemistry between but they decided not to act on it. They are probably need more time.

As for the unexpectedly sound glitch, the housemates still showed off their dance steps on the dance floor.


Our first kiss for the night and for the Lockdown season was between #BBKiddwaya and #BBWathoni.
After the party, with Kiddwaya as the leader of the pack now, the housemates decided to play truth or dare. Wathoni was dare to kiss Kiddwaya. The kiss, which was, dare for just 20 seconds ended up taking one minute and the housemates loved it.

Tonight is eviction night, let us watch and see what is going to happen.

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