BBNaija 2019: See Biography of All 21 Housemates - Profiles, Names and their Ages

We finally got some Biography of the 21 Housemates, this includes their Profiles, Names, State of Origin and age of the twenty-one housemates of the 2019 Big Brother Naija or BBNaija 2019

As BBNaija 2019 launched with a huge party on Sunday, June 30 at exactly 7 pm with twenty-one housemates as contestants

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This platform understands that the housemates of BBNaija Pepper Dem Season 4 includes: Avala, Khafi, Omatshola, Frodd, Ike, Ella, Nelson, Kimophra, Isilomo, Jackye, Tuoyo, Sir Dee, Seyi, Esther, Telma, Gedoni, Diane, Mercy, Tacha, Jeff and Mike.
With that in mind,

Here are the names, state of origin and age of “BBNaija Pepper Dem” housemates…

BBNaija 2019 Biography of All 21 Housemates

1. Avala – 30-years old, from Ogun state [Female]

2. Khafi – 20-years-old from Ekiti state [Female]

3. Omatshola – 38-years-old from Delta state [Male] 

4. Frodd – He is 28years old, hails from Anambra state [Male]

5. Ike – 26-year old, hails from Imo state. He is a model and promises to give Nigerians drama. [Male]

6. Ella – 30-years-old, hails from Anambra state. She is single but not available. [Female]

7. Nelson – 26 years old, hails from Rivers state.[Male]

8. Kimophra – 23- years old, She is single and tells Nigerians to watch out for lot of manipulation.

9. Isilomo – She is 27 and hails from Edo state.[Female]

10. Jackye – She is 23-years-old and hails from Anambra state [Female]

11. Tuoyo – Delta state [Male]

12.Sir Dee – 28 years old, from Kogi state [Male]

13. Seyi – 30-years-old, He is from Ogun state and also the grandson of Obafemi Awolowo [Male]

14. Esther
- 22-years-old, from Lagos state [Female]

15. Telma – 26- years-old [Female]

16. Gedoni – 31-years-old, He is single and ready to mingle [Male]

17. Diane – 23-years-old, hails from Kaduna state [Female]

18. Mercy – 26-years-old, Single but not available [Female]

19. Tacha – 23-years-old from Rivers state. She is a social media sensation [Female]

20. Jeff – 30-years-old from Anambra state. He is single and comes with no strategy [Female]

21. Mike -28-years-old athlete, married and hails from Lagos state.

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  1. Tacha is the next Cee C ,she is here to stay,her and Mike till the end!!

  2. Tacha or what do u call ur name pls leave the house for the happening pple. U aren't making the house lively

  3. Frood frood frood mike mike mike seyi seyi seyi

  4. Omatshola is the best , straight forward man and truthful man in the house ,I will beg the remaining housemates to stop putting cold in my blood because omatshola for cash and for him alone, omatshola, omatshola, omatshola omatshola omatshola omatshola omatshola omatshola omatshola if they remove you from the house I will stop watching BBNaija because it will not be funny again oooo

  5. Omatshola omatshola omatshola omatshola omatshola omatshola omatshola omatshola omatshola omatshola omatshola, we all love you ,I everything even in Ghana and full warri street have given you the cash ,

  6. For that warri girl omatshola that is your girlfriend and we are watching you guys , omatshola omatshola omatshola carry go, we love you ....

  7. Omatshola Omatshola Omatshola Omatshola Omatshola Omatshola Omatshola Omatshola Omatshola Omatshola Omatshola for the money

  8. Go well Gedon you have done a lot of mess. Khafi wipe your tears Sistera.